There are a wide range of advantages to utilizing the branded BAYSTAGES style of playbills and programs including:

  • instant identification with a region-wide product and standard
  • professional copyediting services included in the publishing process
  • complimentary and curated cross-promotion within the BAYSTAGES community of presenters
  • discounted pricing for participating companies and presenters
  • complimentary digital document hosting services
  • enhanced and consistent patron experience

The BAYSTAGES style has evolved based on over two decades of publishing and content creation experience. It has been carefully crafted and considered to provide patrons with an enjoyable and consistent reading experience to enhance their performing arts excursions. Our clients provide the substance and BAYSTAGES sets the style. On those rare occasions where a client needs a more customized solution, BAYSTAGES also offers a bespoke approach as an alternative that puts the client in control of all creative decisions. The differences between the two programs are outlined below.

SET-UP FEE: Building the base template and stylesheet.None. BAYSTAGES style is used for all publications.$750 for stylesheet and twelve-page expandable template of different page styles.
FORMAT: Professional layout and file preparation using current version of Adobe Creative Suite.Subtle BAYSTAGES branding on cover and page footers. Flexible advertising sizes. Full pages, multi-column list pages, and divided pages (one-third | two-third). Cast photo galleries. Playbill layout is defined by the client with suggestions from BAYSTAGES staff (when requested). Client cannot overtly emulate BAYSTAGES layout and style.
LAYOUT: The order of presentation of the data.Standard page order is cover, welcome letters, title pages, primary dramaturgy or editorial content, cast photos and biographies, and donor lists. Display advertising and additional editorial content may be interspersed throughout.Contents order is defined by the client..
STYLE: The appearance, format, and display standards applied to the data and images.Text and images are arranged according to the BAYSTAGES Master Template. This includes fonts and sizes, accent colors, image placement including sizes and framing, text variations, columnar spreads, and other visual elements.Text and images are arranged according to client-defined styles and formats.
COPYEDITING: Processing of data and images supplied by the client.All content will be reviewed and may be edited for accuracy, clarity, and consistency in presentation according to the BAYSTAGES Style Guide. Requested deviations from the Style Guide may be noted as such in the playbill.Content is transferred to the client-defined playbill template with no editing other than for compliance with client-specified formats.
PROOFREADING: Progress reviews of playbill drafts prior to publication.At least one professional proofreading session is provided per playbill. Client is responsible for final approval.Client is responsible for all proofreading.
IMAGE EDITING: Minor adjustments, retouching, or edits to key art, photos, and advertising files.Complimentary. Editing options subject to the format of the source material.Editing fee applies. Editing options subject to the format of the source material.
CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Creation of additional editorial content including dramaturgy, interviews, histories, and other narratives.Service available at discounted fee subject to scope of work.Service at standard rates.
CROSS PROMOTION: Complimentary cross promotion amongst BAYSTAGES clients.All BAYSTAGES clients will have their nearest upcoming production listed in a rolling-date roster (usually a 30-60 day spread) on the back page of each BAYSTAGES playbill. The productions may also receive complimentary display advertising subject to space availability. BAYSTAGES clients do not trade advertising. There is no cost to the client. Back cover reserved for cross promotion.No BAYSTAGES cross promotion.
OTHER EDITORIAL & PROMOTION: Promotion of performing arts-related content and products such as books, recordings, or other items of potential interest to theatre patrons.Subject to space availability. There is no cost to the client.No BAYSTAGES visibility or content.
ADVERTISING: Presence of display advertising in playbills.BAYSTAGES can provide advertising sales management and support services when requested by the client. Display advertising must conform to the BAYSTAGES Advertising Template. Services can include sales kits and collaterals, coaching, and trafficking of advertising art.Advertising sales opportunities, if any, are managed by the client.
PRINTING: Preparation of files and management of print production process.BAYSTAGES will prepare and deliver production files at no additional cost to the client’s print vendor. BAYSTAGES can also manage print production through its recommended print vendor.BAYSTAGES will prepare to the client’s print vendor’s specifications. Client is responsible for all print production coordination. ($50 set-up fee per print vendor.)
DELIVERY: Coordination of delivery of final product.Playbills will be delivered to a single location via either courier or common carrier at the client’s expense. Delivery fee applies.Client is responsible to arranging for delivery.
DIGITAL EDITION: A digital edition of the final playbill with interactive links and other features.BAYSTAGES provides a secured digital edition on a hosted server that can be linked in client emails or websites and downloaded by patrons.Client will receive a PDF copy of the final playbill for their use.
DISCOUNTS: Tiered discounts for nonprofits based on published 990 data.Participating clients receive discounts from 10% to 50% on consulting and creative services.Discount program not available.