BAYSTAGES offers a broad range of publishing solutions led by our branded BAYSTAGES playbills and programs. The sections below highlight some of the many of print and digital solutions we deliver to help tell your story both holistically as a producer and on a project-by-project basis.

Playbills | Programs – Print & Digital

As recently reaffirmed by the New York Times, playbills and programs are treasured component of the audience experience. Ticket buyers throughout the Bay Area have come to depend upon the attractive and accessible format and informative content of BAYSTAGES branded publications. Join the BAYSTAGES family and instantly upgrade your patron experience with our quickly identifiable and professionally designed and edited playbills and programs. You’ll save hours of staff time and enhance the pre-performance patron experience by relying on proven arts publishing professionals.

The pandemic forced our community to rethink everything including playbills, and BAYSTAGES now offers a range of options from the traditional printed book to touch-less, fully digital, and hybrid solutions that include print and digital components (including options for basic, freely distributed items and enhanced copies that can be sold at performances). When you need something very, very custom, BAYSTAGES still has your solution through our bespoke services.

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Short-Form Playbills

BAYSTAGES half-fold brochure-style playbills and programs are packed with essential information on your productions and designed to be printed in either full bleed, full-color, glossy offset press versions (example below left), or in-house and on-demand on desktop equipment with no bleed and limited-color or black-and-white options (example below right). Either way, they look great and add a professional element to any presentation, particularly limited-run productions, reading, workshops, concert and dance performances, and student productions, as well supporting the occasional “play-within-a-play” faux playbill situation. They also form the basis of our innovative hybrid playbill option.

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Hybrid Playbills

The BAYSTAGES hybrid playbill plan consists of a four-page short-form playbill print component (shown below) that includes the essential information – cast roster, essential credits, and other core data – for a production. It also includes a QR code (bottom left corner of image) that can be read by mobile devices to access a complete digital playbill that includes actor photos, cast and creative team and biographies, dramaturgy and other editorial, donor lists and recognition, interactive advertising, production photo galleries, and much more. The QR code can also be printed and displayed in advertising and marketing materials, on social media, in emails and newsletters, and at strategic points in the lobby for easy pre-performance or intermission access to the digital content without having the print component in hand.

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Souvenir Programs

BAYSTAGES creates special publications for special events. These collectible keepsakes are perfect for sharing information and recognizing support at galas, awards ceremonies, festivals, touring productions, conferences, seminars, or other special events. Additional opportunities include photo-filled season retrospectives with company histories or milestone anniversary commemorative publications.

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Auction Catalogs

Drive bidders to your gala silent auction tables or online auction site with beautiful and easy-to-follow print – either full-color, offset press editions, combination offset and desktop versions, or low-cost, completely desktop versions, as well as digital catalogs.

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Season Brochures

Grab prospective and renewing subscriber attention with beautiful, inspiring season brochures for both print and digital distribution.

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Inserts & Flyers

From micro playbills and late-breaking production updates to marketing and promotion pieces, BAYSTAGES creates customized collaterals for you that incorporate an established style, current production art, and other brand standards.

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Press Kits & Media Kits

Rather than a quickly copied and stapled cluster of disparate pages, let BAYSTAGES create a streamlined, custom, interactive press kit that includes all the pertinent data, as well as links to supplementary information to assist the press in telling your production story. BAYSTAGES also creates concise media kits for a range of purposes including sponsorship solicitations and advertising sales that can be deployed either electronically or in printed form.

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Annual Reports & Course Catalogs

Enhance your grant proposals and motivate donors with exciting annual reports that present the facts of your accomplishments in an exciting and visual style. Inspire budding theatre artists with exciting class offerings for summer camps or year-round classes and workshops.

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Nurture communications with your patron base with customized newsletters sharing season, production, marketing, or other company news.